Daily Programs

Our Childcare programs and schedule are flexible to accommodate the needs of all the children. Generally, daily activities are arranged around naptimes, meals, and snacks. An individualized daily program for each child recognizes their different needs and allows the youngest children to nap when they are tired, eat as they become hungry and play with the toys that interest them.

Outdoor activities, which take place in our backyard which we design for play area and also sometimes we might go to the public playground across our house, where tricycles and bike riding, climbing, sliding, running and other activities. Painting, clay, art materials and crayons are made available to the children. Puzzles and books encourage cognitive development, Legos, blocks and other toys. We have a variety of dolls, soft stuffed animals, housekeeping furniture and cooking utensils lead to imaginative play while a variety of hats, dress-up clothes, costumes, and puppets lead to dramatic play.

Young children, toddlers, and babies enjoy a structured schedule that allows for flexibility. A schedule helps the day to flow more smoothly, allow the children to anticipate the coming events, and aids in achieving a variety of goals. We will adhere to our written schedule to the best of our ability, keeping in mind that anything can happen when children are involved. There will be times when we have to make adjustments to the schedule. We are always ready to accommodate the children’s need.

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